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GME Specialises in Australian Rangeland Goat

Geraldton Meat Exports is Australia's premier exporter of Rangeland goat. Rangeland Goat is bred and grows up in the outback of Australia, where only the healthiest and strongest animals thrive. Rangeland Goat is sourced in the field, and subsequently processed in GME's state-of-the-art export facilities, in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Rangeland Goat is widely prized for it's high nutritional value, lean tasty meat, and myriad of preparation applications. Rangeland Goat is suitable for markets all around the world, and is already an important part of the diet in Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, and the Caribbean.

If you haven't tried Rangeland Goat, it is a unique product different to anything you have tried before. Unlike farmed-stock such as mutton or lamb, Rangeland Goat is selected by nature and therefore does not yield high fat-scores. The natural goodness and flavour comes from the meat itself. Rangeland Goat is an easy meat to cook with and important in Asian and Middle-Eastern cooking.

Rangeland Goats grazing and drinking in Australia's outback

GME has been Western Australia’s largest exporter of Rangeland Goat for in excess of 10 years exporting worldwide including Taiwan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Canada, Jamaica and Trinidad.

Fully AUSMEAT and AQIS accredited, GME's facilities specialise in Rangeland Goat production for export markets.

Meat importers and distributors trust GME for quality, consistancy and supply.

For end users, Rangeland Goat produced by Geraldton Meat Exports is suitable for curries, barbeque, stewing, kabab/shishkabob applications.

"Specialising in skin-on rangeland goat carcasses and 6 ways for Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Canada."

Skin-off bone-in goat carcase

Product: Skin-off bone-in goat carcase

Packed: Frozen poly-stockinette

Skin-on bone-in goat carcase

Product: Skin-on bone-in goat carcase

Packed: Frozen poly-stockinette


Other bone-in and boneless goat configurations

Bone-in 6-way cut

Product: Bone-in goat 6-way cut

Packed: 16 KG/up Frozen LP, 6 pieces (one carcase) per carton



Boneless goat-cuts

Product: Boneless goat cuts (various)

Packed: Frozen IW

Boneless goat-trunk

Product: Boneless goat trunk and full carcase goat meat

Packed: Frozen BP, 27.2kg per carton


A sneak-peak at our processing facilities:

  • 92 - 100 staff
  • 2 x Full-Time AQIS inspector on-site
  • Veterinary officer on-site
  • Halal/MK Slaughterman
  • Fully export-supervised, modern-designed facility, encompassing best-practice in animal-welfare.


Geraldton Meat Exports, exporting quality Australian rangeland goat, mutton, skins and hides to markets all around the world.

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