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GME Specialises in Goat and Mutton Offal and Skins

Geraldton Meat Exports recognises the value of the entire animal. For this reason, the livestock are properly cared for, from farm, until final destination...

During processing, GME offal is treated with the same attention, and therefore presents the same level of consistancy, of other meat cuts. GME's AQIS-supervised state-of-the-art processing facitilies are designed so that offal cuts are packed and blast-frozen in minimal time, ensuring their freshness and quality.

In addition to offal items, GME collects goat and sheep skins, and offers palletised salted-skins to our valued clients for futher value-adding applications.

Sheep tripe

Product: Boneless sheep tripe

Packed: Frozen layer-packed cartons

Sheep hearts

Product: Boneless sheep hearts

Packed: Frozen L/P in 15 KG Cartons

Sheep spleens

Product: Boneless sheep spleens

Packed: Frozen bulk-packed cartons

Sheep livers

Product: Boneless sheep livers

Packed: Frozen L/P in 15 KG Cartons

Sheep pluck

Product: Boneless sheep pluck

Packed: LP in 25 K/G cartons


The same offal cuts available from Rangeland Goat

Skins and Hides
Packing quality sheep skins, goat skins drum-salted and palletised for export worldwide.


Contact Sadler International for quotation of skin by-products.


A sneak-peak at our processing facilities:

  • 52 staff
  • 18 boners
  • Full-Time AQIS inspector on-site
  • Halal/MK Slaughterman
  • Fully export-supervised, modern-designed facility, encompassing best-practice in animal-welfare.


Geraldton Meat Exports, exporting quality Australian rangeland goat, mutton, skins and hides to markets all around the world.

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